Kiteventure gives you the possiblity to test kiteboarding and other sports products at several Dutch kitespots. We stock kites, boards, bars, harnesses and other equipment of premium and upcoming brands. Since 2005 we offer kiteboarding and snowkiting lessons, coaching and clinics. In 2021 we added wingsports to our lessons.

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Slufter Bay and Brouwersdam

Eleveight RS V6 9m, PS V6 8m, 10m and 12m

Ensis Wing V2 4,5m

Lacuna Alpha 8m and 9m

Ownin custom kiteboard 136*41.5 and 139*42.5

Ventum Xcite V2 8m

Ventum Xplore V2 6m, 7m and 9m

Ventum Karma V2 140